Anonymous asked: Hi! Saw your blog in the diy tag, must say jacket looks like it'll come out great! X

Thank you! Happy to hear it, as it’s my first attempt at a jacket.

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Magneto the white wizard dandy.

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Anonymous asked: How do you make your own ties?

Pretty much in the same manor as Hober explains it here.

Some of my earlier ties:

Worn by lacasuarina

Worn by DressLikeA

& some I made for Herr Judit:

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requiredfinish said: Very cool, is love to learn to do that

I took no lessons whatsoever (not necessarily a good thing), I just got this book and went with it.

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I’m a pretty DIY oriented guy. I like to build my own furniture, make my own ties etc. The latest project of mine is to make a jacket. It’s one of the trickier projects so far, but seriously fun. I’m no tailor, but for a first try I think it’s coming along pretty decently.

First real day of spring.

From Friday Challenge on Style Forum: Jeans + sport coat + tie.

It’s damn hard to make it work, you have to bring down all the elements to the lowest possible level of formality to work with jeans. Therefore I chose to go with a button down shirt in Oxford cloth, a knit tie, a cotton blazer with patched flap pockets and tassel loafers.  

Making a jacket for myself 


Making a jacket for myself


WIWRN - In between seasons.

Spring colours & hand made tie by my friend Taygun

Spring colours & hand made tie by my friend Taygun

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