WIWRN - In between seasons.

New sport coat, just in time for the new Styleforum Friday challenge.

Blue suede shoes.

Best of my WAYWRN Part 2

This weeks Friday challenge on Styleforum encourages all participants to bring out their A game. You will be allowed to chose from all the posts you’ve ever posted in Styleforums WAYWRN-thread and pic the one of your outfits you deem your personal best. These are a selection of the outfits I have posted that have gotten a lot of positive feedback.

I would definitely change a few details before wearing these today, but all in all I think most of them are pretty decent.

Pt 1

Getting as much wear out of my tweed as possible while the weather allows for it.

Trying out one of the bow ties I bought the other weekend.

Inspired by old apparel art today.

I need to give my suede shoes a bit of care.

New shirt & tie.